Never Fails: Proof #2: Election Upholds God's Character

September 7, 2014 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: Never Fails

Passage: Romans 9:14–9:16


Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching on Romans 9:14-16 was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?



1.  When the words election, predestination, chosen, are used in scripture they are used in a pastoral way for the believer. What were the three ways these truths are meant to help the believer and what should be our response? What is the real tension over these truths?


2.  Have you drawn a mental caricature (pronounced car·i·ca·ture hope that helps Pastor Eric) of God?


3.  Why is it so important for us to have a perspective of God that is centered on what the scripture reveals?


4. How is “what we think about God the most important thing about us?”


5. Take a moment to search the internet and try to find some quotes from famous people about their views of God or Jesus? If you find some interesting quotes share them with your MC.


6.  Paul quotes Exodus 33:19 in 9:15. Take a few moments to read Exodus 32-33. Why did Paul quote this passage? What does it reveal about God? Is God right?


7.  In biblical scholarship there are three domains where God reveals His sovereignty. What were these three areas? Why do we have such a problem with the last one? Should we? Why/why not?


8.  Read verse 16 over and over and over again. What does this mean? Can you find other passages in scripture that support this notion?


9.  If election is conditional...what does this say about God. What does this say about Jesus? What does this say about the cross?


10. So what? So, if these things are How does this effect us as individuals, a church?

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