Never Fails: Proof #4 God Will Complete His Mission (Part 1)

September 28, 2014 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: Never Fails

Passage: Romans 9:24–9:29



Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching on Romans 9:24-29, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?


1.  How is God a missionary?  Search the scriptures to see other illustratons of God working as a missionary.  

2.  Read the story of Hoesa and Gomer in Hosea 1-3.  What is amazing about God and His mission of reconcilation to people who are scattered, have no mercy, and are not His people?

3.    How are you like Gomer?

4.  The scripture once again illustrates the importance of knowing and practicing what we see in God's Word.  How does Paul use scripture to move our understanding forward. 

5.  What does this mean, "We must be people under the authority of scripture...not personal preference?

6.  Other then when you are at our gatherings how often are you engaging in God's Word?  

                           1           2          3           4            5            6            7        Days a Week?


7.  Who do we need to pray for as an MC tonight who is in your life who is currently scattered, without mercy, and not following Jesus?

8.  Are you drifting?  

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