The Grain of Wheat and the Call of Christ

March 1, 2015 Series: Stand Alone

Passage: John 12:20–12:26



Was there anything from this Sunday's Sermon that challenged you, encouraged you, or confused you?  What was the major takeaway for you personally?


1.  This week the MC homework is a little different then normal.  We are going to ask you to listen to the sermon again and to take some additional notes.  Each MC leader is going to lead the group through some questions based on the sermon, but our heartbeat is going to be to spend extended time in prayer/repentance as a church in regards to engaging in missional living.  

2.  The major question that will be asked is this.  There is no doubting the truth that was spoken to us on Sunday, however in view of these truths, so what?  We have learned in our current series that Jesus spoke truth after truth and stated, "Let him who has ears, hear!"  Many were moved intellectually and emotionally by these truths but were not changed.  How do we now live in obedience to these truths?

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