The Parable of the Dishonest Manager

March 8, 2015 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: Jesus the Storyteller

Passage: Luke 16:1–16:14



Was there anything from Sunday's Sermon that encouraged, challenged, or confused you?  What was the major personal takeaway? 


(Read Luke 16:1-15)

1.  From Genesis to Revelation we are called to be stewards?  What is the purpose of this responsibility?  How is this illustrated in the parable?

2.  Why is talking about money, among Christians so difficult (Luke 16:14-15)?  What does this reveal about our hearts?

3.  A major theme of this parable is the importance of investing time, talents, and treasure into eternal things. Why is this so important?  What happens at the return of Jesus if we have made these investments.  Name some practical and specific ways you can invest in your eternity? Name some ways you can invest in someone elses eternity?

5. In which are you most generous…time, talent, or treasure? Why?
In which are you most greedy? Why?

6. Read Luke 12:13-25. How does over spending or hoarding reveal money as an idol in our lives.  What do you worry most about? What does this anxiety reveal about your heart and what you ultimately believe about God?

7. What drives you when you do give of any of the three T’s, grace or guilt? If grace, share with the group how God was able to bring this about in your life? If guilt, share with the group how we can encourage more grace-filled joyful giving.

8. Read Luke 12:4-7. What concerns are you refusing to let God handle because you think they are too insignificant? What does this reveal about you and what you believe about God?

9. In what ways have you made God’s gifts God and not the giver of those gifts? Be specific. How was God able to change your heart if he has? If not confess that you are still struggling and ask the group for prayer.

10.  So what?



Financial Peace, by Dave Ramsey

Counterfeit Gods, by Tim Keller

Radical, by David Platt

Money: God or Gift by Jamie Munson

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