The Parable of the Great Banquet

March 15, 2015 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: Jesus the Storyteller

Passage: Luke 14:1–14



Was there anything from Sunday’s sermon that encouraged, challenged, or confused you? What was the major take away for you personally?


(Read Luke 14)

1.  What is the context of that Jesus is in when He shares this parable? What is the significance of this?

2. What did this parable reveal to you about the character of Jesus? His invitation? His salvation?

3.What does this parable reveal about the Kingdom of God? What type of people are at the great banquet? What does this parable reveal about us?

4.  Are you more like the Pharisees or the faithful servant? Why? How does this parable serve to reveal the pride we harbor in our hearts? How is pride showing itself in your life?

5.  Read Matthew 21:28-32. How do these parables relate to one another?

6. What is the scariest part of these parables?

7. What are your excuses? What is preventing you from being the servant who goes out to gather people into the banquet?

8. Who are you NOT sharing the gospel with because they are "not worthy"??

9. What excuses are you making for not making Jesus the utmost priority of your life?

10. It should bring us great encouragement to know that Jesus, the master host, goes to such great lengths 'compel' us to come to his banquet. In what ways are you still living as the 'poor, crippled, blind, and lame' instead of allowing Jesus to make you whole? What is keeping you from loving Gods grace enough to turn hose things over to him?

11. How does this parable encourage you to worship Him, make disciples, and multiply?

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