Unstoppable Spirit

April 12, 2015 Speaker: Justin Crowe Series: Unstoppable God

Passage: Acts 1:1–1:26



In view of Sunday's sermon on Acts 1, what was encouraging, challenging, or confusing to you?  What was the major personal takeaway? 


1. What questions do you have about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer?

2. What are some common misconceptions about the Holy Spirit that you have had or seen others have? Were any of those cleared up this Sunday?

3. Why do you think people commonly view the Holy Spirit as "less than God"?

4. The Spirit is central to being guided by prayer. What do John 16:13 and Romans 8:26 say about the Spirit’s role in seeking God’s will for us personally and for the Church?

5. Are you afraid to ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit? Why or why not?

6. What role are we asked to play in the POWER, PURPOSE, and PLAN of the Holy Spirit?

7. The Spirit gives power to witness (v. 8). How is witnessing related to discipleship (Matt. 28:19)? How does discipleship create movements of multiplication?

8. Read John 14:25-26, why is this such an important role for the Holy Spirit?


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