How Does God Grow His Church

April 26, 2015 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: Unstoppable God

Passage: Acts 3–4



Was there anything from Sunday's sermon on Acts 3-4 that encouraged you, challenged you, or confused you?  What was the major takeaway for you personally?


1. What did the word ‘missional’ make you think of before Sunday?
What does that term mean to you now?

2. Without giving vague answers such as ‘fear’, what excuses have you used to not share the gospel in the past i.e. fear of what?

3. In the cases that you have shared your faith in Christ with someone, what gave you the boldness in those times and how can that be duplicated?

4. The Jewish rulers and elders were astonished by the boldness of the otherwise unimpressive men, making the connection that they’d been with Jesus (v. 13). Do others attribute our boldness with our connection to Christ? What does our lack of courage say about our faith?

5. How is saying that ‘God will build his church’ an encouragement and also an excuse to sharing the Gospel? How can we eliminate using it as an excuse?

6. How can we, as groups and individuals, have more courage and boldness in being used by God? List both spiritual disciplines and practical applications.

7. What good things or causes have taken your attention away from the true Missio Dei? How can those things be redeemed for the Gospel?

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