King and Kingdom: Salt and Light

March 13, 2016 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: King and Kingdom

Passage: Matthew 5:13–16


What from this past Sunday's teaching particularly caught your attention, encouraged, challenged, or confused you?

1. Read John 3:17. How does this apply to our command to be enhancers like salt to this world?
How can we specifically enhance the world through Jesus?

2. Do you make others around you thirsty for Jesus? What are ways we can do this among other believers? Non-believers?

3. How has sin proven to be tasteless, unfulfilling? How do we as a church slow the process of decay/sin within our body?

4. "When the church feels it must become like the world to win the world, it has not won the world but the world has won it."
How does this quote, combined with Romans 12:2, influence our command to be salt?

5. Alan Redpath once said..."If it is possible for you closest contacts to be neutral about Christ, then there is something wrong with your Christianity?"
How does this strike you? How are you doing if this is your measuring stick?

6. How does the gospel preached daily to believers prevent us from losing our saltiness?


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