King and Kingdom: Perfect Love

May 1, 2016 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: King and Kingdom

Passage: Matthew 5:38–48


Was there anything that challenged, confused, or encouraged you from Sunday's sermon.  What was the major takeaway for you?

Please take a few moments and watch this short video It will greatly help this weeks discussion.

1. What is it truly saying to others when we are able to 'turn the other cheek?' Give up our tunic AND our cloak? Give to the poor who beg of you?

2. Confessionally, as Pastor Eric was preaching, I thought I don't really have enemies. Why might that indicate a bigger sin issue? What might that really be saying?

3. Read Luke 6:26. Then read 27-36. What stands out to you...especially in light of question #2?

4. How is the global church doing with loving those they disagree with? How can Mission Church do a better job?

5. Because of the style of preaching we do here at Mission, I believe we have a good breadth of knowledge of scripture. What needs to happen to take that knowledge and put it into practice?

6. Are you pursuing perfection? Or, like most of us, is there one or two areas of your life that you are holding back from God's control, unwilling to give up control?

7.  The final words of this passage in Matthew are that we must be perfect just as our heavenly Father is.Using scripture, how can you respond to someone who says 'well, no one is perfect and everyone sins' when justifying their own sin?

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