King and Kingdom: Pray Like Jesus

May 15, 2016 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: King and Kingdom

Passage: Matthew 6:5–15


Reflecting on Sunday’s sermon, Pray Like Jesus, was there anything that challenged, confused, or encouraged you? What was the major take away for you from God’s Word?

Please watch this short 4 minute video.  John Piper illustrates what it looks like to pattern our prayers from the Lord's Prayer.

1. How should the constant realization of our sinfulness in conjunction with God's holiness shape our prayer life? Life in general?

2. What are we really praying when we say 'your kingdom come on earth as is it is in heaven' in regards to our day to day lives? If we really mean that what changes will we have to make daily?

3. If every moment of your life were made into a movie and afterward a poll was taken that asked who you were most concerned with pleasing, God or man, how would you do?
What parts would you be most embarrassed that people watched?

4. Pastor Eric stated that God is more concerned with our private life than our public. Provide scriptural evidence that this is true?

5. Which should be more important: pleasing God or pleasing others?
Can God be fooled?
Can other people be fooled?
What good does it do to fool men if God cannot be fooled?
Why do we spend so much time/energy doing so?

6. If we are guilty of only living public, showy Christian lives when will that inauthenticity be most noticeable? How can we better prepare for those times before they occur?


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