Matthew 16:24-28

February 19, 2017 Speaker: Series: King and Kingdom

Passage: Matthew 16:24–28


1.Pray and re-read Matthew 16:24-28 (If possible listen to the sermon again)

2. In looking over your notes from Sunday, what was the most important truth from God's Word? Was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

3. Jesus gives us a three-fold command here.
a) Deny yourselves
b) Take up your cross
c) Follow me
What are the practical differences between these three facets of discipleship?
Which one is the hardest for you on a daily basis?

4.  What does Matthew 16 reveal about Jesus character? 

5. Read the other gospel accounts of this passage.
Mark 8:34-38
Luke 9:23-27
What are some notable differences?
Why are these also important in furthering our understanding of these commands?

6. How does this passage serve to further reveal Jesus’ nature and character to us as his followers?

7. As your pastors, we pray that you are all sharing the gospel in your daily lives. How does this passage re-shape our methods in speaking the truth of the gospel to nonbelievers?

8. Share stories of how you have seen others carry out these commands in their own lives? How did seeing this shape your view of Jesus and being his disciple?


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