Matthew 19:13-26

April 23, 2017 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: King and Kingdom

Passage: Matthew 19:13–26


1.Pray and re-read Matthew 19:15-30 (If possible listen to the sermons again).

2. In looking over your notes from Sunday, what was the most important truth from God's Word? Was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?

3. Why is it sometimes difficult and almost painful to hear that there is literally nothing we can do on our own accord to be saved?

4.How does our sinful nature make it difficult to receive salvation as a completely free gift?
Ask yourself: If I lost _______________________ my life would not be the same.
Now imagine Jesus asked you, as he did this man, to give that up completely in
order to follow Him.

5. Idols can take many different forms. For many of us in America money/prosperity can sometimes become an idol without us even realizing it. If you were the person standing in front of Jesus what would He tell you to give up in order to follow Him?  What idols has God revealed to you this week through studying his Word in Matthew 19 that may have gone unnoticed before?

6. What are some practical steps you can take, allowing us as your church family to walk along side of you, to remove that idol from the throne of your life?

7. In verses 16-22, was Jesus asking the man to earn his salvation through works? Why or why not?
In what similar ways is he instructing us in 2017 to ‘follow him.’?

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