Marriage In Christ: The Gospel Centered Wife

September 9, 2018 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: In Christ Alone: The Life and Church Christ Builds

Passage: Ephesians 5:22–24


1. Reread Ephesians 5:22-33. Ask yourself these questions as you read.

What does this passage teach or reveal about God?
What does this passage teach or reveal about human beings and the world? What does this passage teach or reveal about Jesus & the gospel?
What does this passage teach or reveal about the hope Christ gives now – and the restoration promised in the future?

2. In looking over your notes from this weeks sermon what was the most important truth from God's Word? Was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you? Any questions?

3. In general, the word submit is frowned upon in western/American culture. How has culture hijacked this word and distorted its true meaning? How does the gospel redefine it Biblically?

4. With this new definition, how does this word actually imply superiority and not inferiority?

5. Sin never delivers on its promises or has its desired effects. Why do we constantly believe the lies of the devil and keep trying sinful tactics that do not have a desired Godly outcome, especially in our marriages?

6. Ladies, in which of the categories of sin (Asserting self over your husband, nagging, comparison, perfectionism, fear and trust, fantasy/escape) do you feel yourself tending towards? How does seeing Jesus more clearly speak into these issues?

7. Read Proverbs 31:10-31.
Ladies, ask yourselves in what ways you are exemplifying these traits.
Men, ask yourself how you are fostering and shepherding your wife to exemplify these traits?

I (Pastor Justin) want to echo Pastor Eric and just say that it is truly an honor to be one of your pastors. It is highly encouraging to see these tough topics not only be okay but looked forward to by our people, knowing that it may be painful and stretching but that it ultimately makes us more like Jesus. That is the hope here. I pray that this sermon series leads to many conversations (not arguments) and that we all look more like our Savior on the other side. Thank you for your faithfulness, Mission. It is an honor to serve beside you all in the gospel trenches.

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