The Lord's Servant

Aug 18, 2019 by: Eric Baker | Series: Center Church Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:23–2:26

Missional Community Questions

1. Re-read 2 Timothy 2:23-26. If possible, listen to the sermon(s) again.


2. Looking back over your notes from this week’s sermon (or the past few weeks in 2 Timothy) what was the most important truth from God's Word? Was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged you, or confused you? Any questions?


3. Without naming names or churches, does anyone have any stories about church splits or issues that were silly, foolish, or ignorant controversies? Anyone have any stories about issues that were not silly, foolish, or ignorant that should have been brought up or handled and weren’t? What was learned from both??


4. What does it mean to “patiently endure evil”?


5. “You cannot shame someone into living for Jesus.” How can this quote be understood and applied to this text? Are there other scripture references that can be applied as well?


6. Are there any current issues facing Mission Church that you see that may need to be addressed? Are there any that may need to be preemptively headed off that we as your pastors/MC leaders may not see?


7. Let’s face it, we all get worked up, we all ‘pick up’ things that we should leave alone. How do we, as believers, properly determine which are which? 


8. “Kindness is not a break from fighting but rather how you fight.—Russell Moore 

Using scripture, back this quote up.