The Marks of a Life of Faithful Service

September 29, 2019 Speaker: Todd Crosby Series: Center Church

Passage: 2 Timothy 4:6–8

1. Re-read 2 Timothy 4:6-8. If possible, listen to the sermon again.


2. Looking back over your notes from this week's sermon, what was the most important truth from God's Word? Was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged you, or confused you? Any questions


3.  Read 2 Timothy 4:6.  Sunday we learned one of the marks of faithful service is sacrifice.  Now read Luke 9:23-26.  How are Paul’s words reflective of Jesus?  What does it mean to take up your cross daily?  What are you sacrificing in order to be faithful in ministry? What is it costing you to follow Jesus? 


4.  Read 2 Timothy 4:7 The second mark of faithful service is persistence.  How is this illustrated in this passage? What marks in your life illustrate a persistence to engage and complete the work of the ministry in your own life?  Would people describe you as a minister of the gospel who both proclaims and guards it?  Explain your answer to your MC. 


5.  Can a person who is truly saved ever lose their salvation? How do we know this?  If not how do we reconcile people whom we have known to profess Jesus as savior but currently do not? Is it possible to know that you are saved?   Discuss this with your MC using the scripture to support your answer. Do not run from the question but rather press into the scripture and each other. 


6.  Read 2 Timothy 4:8.  The third mark of faithful service is confidence in Christ.  How is this mark illustrated in the scripture?  What does looking back at Christ and his earthly ministry look like for us?  What does look confidence in Christ future return look like for us?  Why is our hope in Heaven so important? 

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