Jesus our Assurance (Part 1)

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Jan 26, 2020 by: Eric Baker | Series: Jesus: Life, Light, & Love Scripture: 1 John 2:3–2:6
  1. Re-read 1 John 2:3-6. If possible, listen to the sermon again. If you have time, we want to encourage you over the next few weeks to listen to this sermon delivered by Mark Dever at Together for the Gospel titled, False Conversions: The Suicide of the Church. This sermon is very reflective of the issues taking place in the context of 1-3 John and also in the current state of American Christianity. 


  1. Looking back over your notes from this week’s sermon what was the most important truth from God's Word? Was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged you, or confused you? Any questions?


  1. Share with your MC about personally wrestling with the assurance of salvation. Consider how you were raised or even a current perspective.  What is the difference between false assurance and not having assurance?  


“I’ll be so bold as to say that your spiritual life will really never take off until you have the assurance of salvation. Until you know that you are His and He is yours, your obedience will be limited. Your love will be stifled, your confidence will be shaky, and your courage will be minimal.”

-Pastor JD Greear, Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart


  1. Read 1 John 2:3-4. In this passage, we learn those whom Jesus has saved obey Him (To know Him is to obey him). Pastor Eric mentioned a dangerous practice among many whom claim to be Christians called “Free Grace.” Where people claim to be followers of Jesus but believe a person can be saved without repentance, without transformation, where obedience is optional, etc.  How have you drifted toward this practice?  What is the danger of claiming Christ and yet not obeying His commandments? 


  1. Read 1 John 2:5 (John 14:15, 21, 23).  To obey Him is to love Him.  According to scripture how are love and obedience connected?  Be willing to ask yourself tough questions.  Do I love God?  How do you know?  How do others know?  Discuss with your MC about the illustration of the difference between “doing the dishes because I said so….vs. doing the dishes because I love my family.”  How does this illustrate the difference between obedience through begrudging submission and obedience as a response to love? 

“My heart cannot love what my mind does not know”  

- Jen Wilkin


  1. Read 1 John 2:6 (John 15:4-5, Ephesians 5:1, 1 Peter 2:21, John 17:3).  To abide in Him is to walk like Him. What does it mean to abide in Him?  What does it mean to walk like Him?