The Lord's Supper

November 13, 2022 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: Fight The Drift: A Study of 1 Corinthians

Passage: 1 Corinthians 11:17–34

Missional Community Questions:

1. Reread 1 Corinthians 11. If possible, listen to the sermon(s) again.

2. Looking back over this sermon and this sermon series, how has God convicted your heart, stirred your affections for Jesus, drawn you closer to Him? How has the Word challenged, confused, or made you ask questions?

3. How did reframing the practice of head coverings help you to understand the principle of it? How did it help you understand gender roles in the church?

4. How does understanding that God is a God of order help you reframe other issues in life and worship?

5. On Sunday, the Lord’s Supper was compared to the Passover meal we see in the Old Testament. We looked at some of the similarities. What are the major differences and how do those differences point us directly to Jesus?

5. “The Lord’s Supper is a church’s act of communing with Christ and each other and of commemorating Christs’s death by partaking of bread and wine, and a believers act of receiving Christ’s benefit and renewing his or her commitment to Christ and his people, thereby making the church one body and marking it off from the world.”-Bobby Jameson

What part of this definition stood out to you most? What part is the most convicting in your own heart?

6. Out of the 4 ways we remind you about the importance of the Lords Supper (Look Back, Lok Inward, Look Outward, Look Forward), which part seems to be the most neglected and why? Which part seems to be the most difficult and why?

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