Jesus at the Sinners Table

April 16, 2023 Speaker: Justin Crowe Series: Who Is This? A Portrait of Jesus Through the Gospel of Mark

Passage: Mark 2:13–17

Missional Community Questions:

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1. Reread Mark 2:13-17. If possible, listen to the sermon(s) again.

2. Looking back over this sermon and this sermon series, how has God convicted your heart, stirred your affections for Jesus, drawn you closer to Him? How has the Word challenged, confused, or made you ask questions?

3. WEEKLY QUESTION: Who Is This? In what ways were your views of Jesus challenged, changed, or reinforced by this weeks sermon and text? In what ways have your thoughts about Jesus changed as you have matured in your faith?

4. Do you see yourself more as a tax collector or a Pharisee? Why? Have you had bouts of both in your life?

5. Who are the modern day Pharisees (those who see no reason to change or be saved)? What does the gospel truly offer them?

6. There were three object lessons contained in the sermon from Sunday.

Are you willing to forsake all things in order to follow Jesus?

Once you are truly saved you are immediately qualified to share the gospel.

Stop judging people who sin differently than you as worse off or out of reach.

Which of these spoke to you the most and why?

7. How would you further explain Matthew 9:13 where it says “I desire mercy and not sacrifice.’? How does this look in modern day terms?

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