King and Kingdom: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit and Those Who Mourn

February 7, 2016 Speaker: Eric Baker Series: King and Kingdom

Passage: Matthew 4:23– 5:4


What from this past Sunday's teaching particularly caught your attention, encouraged, challenged, or confused you?

1. What is the difference between happy and approved?  How does that difference spur us on to live counter culturally?

2. In what ways are you still trying to offer something for your salvation instead of being 'poor in spirit'?

3. "Well if we can't do anything to help us get saved then why should we be obedient or do anything good"?? How can you answer this question with other scriptures?

4. How does being poor in spirit and mourning go hand in hand?

5. What sins are you not mourning enough in your own life? What is keeping you from mourning those sins?

6. What should be the next step once we mourn and repent of our sin?

7. Read Ephesians 2:1-9...what is the most hopeful part of this scripture?

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